To current estimates of nosocomial infections (overview of literature)

  • E .V. Rymsha
Keywords: nosocomial infections, antibiotics, antiseptics, decamethoxine, decasanum, resistance


Nosocomial infections are of great weight in the overall morbidity and mortality in all developed countries. The article presents the results of microbiological monitoring of the etiology and antibiotic resistance of microorganisms isolated from patients with nosocomial infections. Discovered modern principles of treatment involving the use of antimicrobial drugs. For initial therapy recommended monotherapy or a combination of antibiotics and antiseptic drugs that potentiate the antibacterial effect of antibiotics. Improved approaches to address the issues of increasing the effectiveness of treatment, and chronic inflammatory nosocomial infections is impossible without clinical-laboratory and pharmacological study of the principles, indications, criteria for the selection and use of antimicrobial drugs.

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