Development antiviral activity of benzodiazols' derivatives against influenza

  • T. L. Grydina
  • K. V. Radkevich
  • I. G. Koltsova
  • A. S. Fedchuk
  • V. P. Lozitsky
  • S. S. Basok
  • A. G. Artemenko
  • V. E. Kuzmin
Keywords: influenza chemotherapy, development of new antiviral drugs, benzodiazols' derivatives


Benzodiazols' derivatives with high level of predicted antiviral activity were created by using QSAR-technology. Compounds 1160 and 1166 showed higher influenza activity than was predicted in the culture chorio-allantoic membranes 11-14-day-old chick embryos. Their experimental antiviral activity was the same as that of the reference drug Tamiflu. Therefore, these compounds may be selected as promising for the further creation of influenza drugs.

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