Еffect of motor skills improvement оn heart rate in rats

  • V. M. Moroz
  • T. V. Buzyka
  • O. V. Vlasenko
  • M. V. Yoltukhivskyy
  • I. L. Rokunets
  • О. V. Dovgan
  • N. S. Barzak
Keywords: training, operant reflex, bradycardia, rats


During of the developing operant reflex in rats were recorded heart rates. It was established that there is a short time in the food-procuring the bradycardia movements. The process of developing the skill is accompanied by improvements in the efficiency of food-procuring movements and a significant decrease in heart rate. Possible mechanisms of simultaneous parasympathetic influence on heart function and precision of movement are discussing.

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Moroz, V. M., Buzyka, T. V., Vlasenko, O. V., Yoltukhivskyy, M. V., Rokunets, I. L., DovganО. V., & Barzak, N. S. (2017). Еffect of motor skills improvement оn heart rate in rats. Biomedical and Biosocial Anthropology, (27), 98-101. Retrieved from https://bba-journal.com/index.php/journal/article/view/192