Comparison of reparative processes in fullthikness skin wounds under the influence of nonfermenting microorganisms

  • V. M. Kondratiuk
  • V. P. Kovalchuck
  • S. D. Himich
Keywords: surgical wound infection, bacterial biofilm, wound healing, A.baumannii


The wound healing is one of the key issues of medicine. Nowadays wounds are contaminated by microorganisms existing in the form of a biofilm. Biofilm consist of biologically active molecules that affect the viability and differentiation of cells providing wound healing. The paper defines the features of reparative processes of fullthikness skin wounds in the presence of biofilm-enriched medium of A. baumannii. The experiment was conducted on 18 adult rats. In the animal's wounds plankton A. baumannii or biofilm-enriched medium of A. baumannii without physiologically active cells were inoculated. For the analysis of wound healing macroscopic and histological examination were performed. It is shown that in wounds that healed in the presence of biofilm- enriched medium signs of inflammation were less pronounced, inflammation was constrained by experimental wound boundaries. With the onset of the proliferative phase neutrophylic leukocytes gradually disappear, unlike in artificially contaminated and control wounds where infiltration continues. Abortion of the inflammatory response in the short term, in the wounds, which were under the influence of the components of bacterial biofilms, creates the conditions for the correct connective tissue proliferation. This is confirmed by the appearance of mature collagen fibers and earlier fibroblasts differentiation. The symptoms of inflammation and epithelial defect remained in the wound, which were inoculated by the plankton A. baumannii the longest. This study shows a regulating effect of the wound's microbes on reparative processes in the wound. The development of this approach can change the idea of the necessity of eradication of microorganisms in the wound.

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Kondratiuk, V. M., Kovalchuck, V. P., & Himich, S. D. (2017). Comparison of reparative processes in fullthikness skin wounds under the influence of nonfermenting microorganisms. Biomedical and Biosocial Anthropology, (27), 101-105. Retrieved from