Definitions pathognomonic symptomes articular soft tissue damages posttraumatic coxarthrosis

  • A. V. Kalashnikov
  • V. G. Lutsishin
  • О. V. Maiko
Keywords: diagnosis, clinical symptoms, internally the articular damage of the hip, coxarthrosis


With the aim of identifying pathognomonic complex of syndromes that characterize soft tissue intra-articular damage of the hip joint the analysis of the clinical examination of 30 patients with post-traumatic coxarthrosis I-II stage, who underwent surgery on the basis of the traumatological Department of the Vinnytsia regional hospital named after M. I. Pirogov in the period of 2006-2015. Defined pathognomonic complex of syndromes characterizing internally the articular lesions soft tissue elements of the hip joint in the early stages of post-traumatic coxarthrosis: Stinchfild + McCarthy, Stinchfild + Log roll, Stinchfild + FABER, impingement + Stinchfild. The definition of the above-mentioned pathognomonic complex of syndromes will help to improve the quality of diagnosis internally the articular lesions of the hip joint early detection with subsequent surgical intervention and reduce the progression of osteoarthritis of the hip joint.

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