Clinical case vats removal of tumors mediastina

  • O. Yu. Usenko
  • A. V. Sidyuk
  • A. S. Klimas
  • O. O. Kalashnikov
  • O. Ye. Sidyuk
Keywords: minimally invasive surgery, thoracoscopy of mediastinal, clinical case


For example, a clinical case of tumor anterior-upper mediastinum demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the method VATS removal of mediastinal tumors and variability mediastinal tumors and their embrio- and histogenetic diversity.

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Usenko, O. Y., Sidyuk, A. V., Klimas, A. S., Kalashnikov, O. O., & Sidyuk, O. Y. (2017). Clinical case vats removal of tumors mediastina. Biomedical and Biosocial Anthropology, (27), 166-170. Retrieved from