Anew technique for measuring the myocardial conductivit

  • Ok. V. Vlasenko
  • O. V. Chaikovska
  • I. L. Rokunets
  • N. S. Barzak
  • Ol. V. Vlasenko
Keywords: myocardium, field potential, multichannel electrode, extracellular recordings, conductance, preclinical studies


Measuring of basic properties of myocardium: conductivity, excitability and automaticity is an important step in novel drug development. Basic electrical properties the state of heart cycle and myocardium should be estimated on the different structural level starting from the level of ion channels and pumps at preclinical stage and up to the level of whole organism in hospitals. We have presented the new technique for measuring the most important parameters of myocardium with multichannel extracellular recording system. We can assess the series of key properties of myocardium and calculate the myocardial conduction velocity with our electrophysiological system.

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Vlasenko, O. V., Chaikovska, O. V., Rokunets, I. L., Barzak, N. S., & Vlasenko, O. V. (2017). Anew technique for measuring the myocardial conductivit. Biomedical and Biosocial Anthropology, (28), 51-55. Retrieved from

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