Anatomic characteristics of cervix in the mature, elderly and senile period of human ontogenesis

  • O.V. Guizik
  • O.M. Slobodyan
  • T.O. Lukashiv
Keywords: cervix, ultrasound, ontogeny, human, anatomical features.


In recent years, a mathematical program modeling of pathological processes at the cellular and molecular levels is obtained at a new level. This determines the need to determine the interval values of the dimensional characteristics of cellular and other structural components of the cervix. The establishment of quantitative age characteristics of the cervix is important for the correct definition and interpretation of the concept of «age norm» for the analysis of morphological criteria of pathological processes. The dynamics of formation of shape and size, individual anatomical variability of the cervix during human ontogenesis with application of macroscopic, morphometric methods and ultrasound with the establishment of interval values of morphometric characteristics of the cervix is researched.


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