Features of the course of necrotic enterocolitis in children born prematurely

  • O.S. Yablon
  • N.P. Rusak
  • O.A. Moravskaya
  • S.O. Rusak
  • K.T. Bertsun
  • D.P. Sergeta
  • N.A. Shovkoplyas
Keywords: necrotizing enterocolitis, children born prematurely.


Based on the study of the peculiarities of the clinical course of necrotizing enterocolitis in 50 extremely preterm babies it was found that the heavier course of necrotizing enterocolitis is associated with lower body weight (1180.55±095.02 g) and a lower gestational period (28.66±0.66 weeks). Risk factors for development are delayed enteral nutrition, longer parenteral nutrition, artificial feeding and a longer enteral pause. In the clinical picture of necrotizing enterocolitis, among the nonspecific symptoms, the symptoms of a «white spot», thrombocytopenia (p<0.01) and bradycardia (p<0.05) were significantly more likely to occur, among abdominal manifestations - absence of peristalsis, contouring of the intestinal loops, moderate edema of the anterior abdominal wall (p<0.01), as well as increase in abdominal volume and bloody stool (p<0.05).


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