On innovations in the technology of teaching medical students

  • S.V. Franchuk
  • E.A. Sakovich
  • T.V. Polischyk
  • Yu.V. Kyrychenko
Keywords: medical education, educational process, interactive methods.


The purpose of the work is to find out the effectiveness of the application of integrated teaching technologies in the educational process at the Department of Internal Medicine of the Medical Faculty № 2 of the Vinnytsia National Pirogov memorial Medical University and to analyze their impact on the quality of students' knowledge. During the 2016-2017 academic year students of the Stomatology Faculty were divided into two investigated groups: in the 1 st group (41a, 42a, 43a, 44b, 45b academic groups, 72 students) traditional teaching methods were used; in the 2 nd group (41b, 42b, 43b, 44a, 45a academic groups, 68 students) integrated technologies were applied. Assessment of student’s competence in discipline has been carried out depending on the training methods according to the developed criteria. It was found the low (fragmentary) and elementary (reproductive) levels of the competencies prevailed with training by traditional methods (83% and 66% respectively). Sufficient (partly-search) and high (research) competencies prevailed with the use of the integrated technologies (65% and 79% respectively). Use in training activities considered interactive teaching methods contribute to formation of cognitive activity of students, creative assimilation of theoretical material of disciplines being studied; ability to compare, generalize and solve non-typical situational problems; leads to the connection of theoretical knowledge with practice, acquisition of professional skills; wide disclosure of individual abilities of students, formation of personalities.


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