Correlation of anthropo-somatometric parameters of the body of practically healthy women of the ectomorphic somatotype with cerebral blood circulation indicators

  • V.V. Semenchenko National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya, Ukraine
Keywords: practically healthy women, ectomorphic somatotype, cerebralhemodynamics, anthropometric indices, correlations.


So far, the search for interconnections between the indicators of central or peripheralcirculation and the constitutional parameters of the body is considerable attention in manycountries of the world. However, most of these works are devoted to studying theproblem of various diseases. The study of such relationships in the contingents of ahealthy population needs further in-depth study. The purpose of the work is to establishthe peculiarities of the connections of anthropo-somatometric parameters of practicallyhealthy women of Podillia with an ectomorphic somatotype with indicators of cerebralcirculation. The results of anthropometric, somatotypological and rheoencephalographicstudies performed in practically healthy urban women of Podillia ectomorphic somatotype(n = 24) were taken from the data bank of the research center of the National PirogovMemorial Medical University, Vinnytsya. The rheoencephalographic parameters weredetermined using a computer diagnostic complex. As a result of processing, the rheogramsautomatically determined the characteristic points on the curve and determined the mainparameters (amplitude, time and derivatives). Anthropometric study according to thescheme of V.V. Bunak included the definition of: total body dimensions, longitudinal,transverse, circumferential size, pelvic size and thickness of skin and fat folds. Thecraniometry included the definition of: girth of the head, sagittal arc, greatest length andwidth of the head, smallest head width, face width and mandible. The somatotype isdetermined by the method of J.Carter and B.Heath, and the component composition of themass of the body - according to the method of J.Matiegka and the formulas of theAmerican Institute of Nutrition. The correlation analysis was performed using thenonparametric Spirman method in the statistical package "STATISTICA 6.0". In practicallyhealthy women from Podillia with ectomorphic somatotype, among correlations indices ofcerebral blood flow with constitutional parameters of the body, the highest percentage,mostly inverse true and false median strength connections is established with the amplitudesindices of the rheoencephalogram. In analyzing the correlations of different groups ofanthropo-somatotypological parameters of the body with cerebral blood circulation indicesin practically healthy women of the ectomorphic somatotype, it was established that theamplitude values of the rheoencephalogram have the highest relative percentages ofconnections with the width of distal epiphyses of long limb tubular bones, somatotypecomponents, girth dimensions, components of component composition body mass,longitudinal body size and cephalometric indices; time indices of the rheoencephalogram- with the circumferential dimensions of the body; derivatives indices of therheoencephalogram - with circumferential body sizes and cephalometric indices.


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