Vasoregulatory violations of vascularendothelial in children with allergic asthma

  • V. M. Dudnyk
  • K. V. Khromykh
Keywords: bronchial asthma, children, endothelial dysfunction


Today we know that for many chronic diseases characterized by involvement in the pathological process of the vascular system, including places high emphasis on changing the structure and function of vascular endothelium and its role in the mechanisms of control of asthma and opportunities. We examined 224 children with allergic asthma in acute disease age from 6 to 17 years with determination of homocysteine, VEGF and conduct ultrasonography of the carotid arteries and cardiointervalography. The course of asthma in children accompanied by the development of endothelial dysfunction increase homocysteine levels and VEGF in serum  within 2,35 - 16,45 times higher than in healthy children depended on the level of control of the disease. Vasoregulatory vascular endothelial dysfunction confirmed by changes in processes of vital activity of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system (stress index 100,91±0,46 units) and ultrasonographic examination of the carotid arteries (IM thickening to 1,07±0,02 mm.

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