Modeling of dysbiotic disorders with laboratory animals

  • V. V. Bobyr
  • V. A. Ponyatovsky
  • E. M. Djugikowa
  • V. P. Shyrobokov
Keywords: modeling, dysbiosis, antibiotics, laboratory animals


Present data about modeling of intestinal dysbiosis with laboratory animals are presented in the review article. Presented techniques enable to estimate therapeutic efficacy of new probiotic microorganisms and based on them new drugs during experiment, as well as solve a new scientific tasks that are associated with dislocation of inrestinal normal microflora.

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Bobyr, V. V., Ponyatovsky, V. A., Djugikowa, E. M., & Shyrobokov, V. P. (2017). Modeling of dysbiotic disorders with laboratory animals. Biomedical and Biosocial Anthropology, (24), 230-233. Retrieved from