Bone mineral density change in chronice pilepticactivity dynamic

  • R. S. Vastyanov
  • N. F. Konovalov
Keywords: bone mineral density, collagen, kindling, postkindling, chronic epileptic activity, calcium, phosphorus, proline


The data are given concerning the bone mineral density and collagen synthesis changes throughout the pharmacological kindling. Picrotoxin kindling model was chosen because of its high relevancy according to the increased number of patients suffering from epilepsy who need stomatological help. It is shown that in the conditions not formed kindled (12-18 entering convulsant) inclusion of radioactive calcium, phosphorus and proline - markers of collagen - in bone coincided with indicators in the control observations. It is noted that in kindled rats, as well as in postkindled inclusion of the above radioactive components in bone tissue were significantly reduced, indicating a reduction in bone mineral density and reduction processes of collagen. Authors concluded about the bone mineral density decrease during the chronic epileptic activity dynamic that should be taken into consideration while main disease complex pathogetical scheme of pharmacological correction performing out as swell as dental care providing for these patients.

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