Рrevention and treatment of acute postoperative pancreatitis

  • O. V. Goncharenko
Keywords: postoperative pancreatitis, relaparotomy, peritonitis


A prospective study involved 752 patients operated on abdominal organs. Prevention of postoperative acute pancreatitis was reached by homeostasis correction, blood rheology improvement, the use of protease inhibitors, minimal tissue trauma, avoidance of biliary hypertension and duodenostasis. In the postoperative period 11 (1.5%) patients had an acute postoperative pancreatitis. Conservative therapy eliminated the inflammation of the pancreas in 7 (64%) patients, in 4 (36%) - relaparotomy was made. Treatment in the postoperative period involved the elimination of the bile and pancreatic ducts hypertension, duodenostasis prevention, decreasement of the pancreatic secretory activity, dealing with infectious agent and purulent necrotic complications. Monitoring of the patients at high risk of complications in the postoperative period allowed to diagnose acute postoperative pancreatitis and apply pathogenetic treatment.

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