Modelling reposition single kidney after hypertrophy

  • V. M. Monastirskiy
  • A.Ya. Kulik
  • V. I. Pivtorak
  • I. A. Kozak
Keywords: single kidney, modelling, kidney position


The article when used modelling in quasistatic mode identified the general patterns changing the position in hypertrophy single kidney. The simulation results show at this stage quasi-linear dependence of the angle of rotation of the kidney from the center of mass shift horizontally. This rotation angles at an early stage small. Angle characteristics shows the difference in weight-and- dimensional parameters of the left and right kidney in men and women.

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Monastirskiy, V. M., Kulik, A., Pivtorak, V. I., & Kozak, I. A. (2017). Modelling reposition single kidney after hypertrophy. Biomedical and Biosocial Anthropology, (24), 36-39. Retrieved from